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STEM Certified Offline Experiential Center in Pune

Pioneering Offline hub, accredited by, for immersive STEM education experiences. Lets Focus on Kids ability to Adapt to Change!


After-school program in 4 stages spanning 12 months

Learn 10+ Technologies:

How will your child benefit

✅ School years is the time when the brain develops rapidly and the ability to learn is at its peak. This early intervention to learn hard skills thus turns out to be much fruitful in long-term.

✅ Success of your children thus hugely depends on what they do after school hours

✅ Enter 10xTechClub. From the very start of the Premier Accelerator Program, your child will learn effective problem-solving by working on curated real-world projects, receiving continuous mentorship and coaching to enhance productivity.

✅ After successful completion of the Program, your child will experience exponential growth in technical, personal, social, and academic aspects.

Your child will gain confidence in technological problem-solving abilities, paving the way for opportune future careers.



The Premier Accelerator Program for Ambitious 

Kids Aged 12-17

In Person after-school weekend program to master essential 21st century skills

Complementing Schools

  • Prepare for high-demand future careers
  • Address curriculum gaps, enriching your learning experience
  • Engage in multiple hands-on projects to build a strong portfolio

Unparalleled Offline Exposure

  • Acquire training on real-world skills through industry mentors
  • Collaborate in our Maker Space, fostering teamwork and creativity
  • Gain confidence in navigating & utilizing various emerging technologies

21st Century Experiential Learning Adventures

Exploring, Innovating, and Adapting Through Hands-On Exploration & Discovery in the Digital Age

Our Mentors & Industry Experts

Rajesh Shah

Meet Rajesh, our founder, who is a tech veteran & an IIT Chennai alumnus. He has over 2 decades of rich global experience in emerging technologies. He is passionate about mentoring young minds to become global innovators. He is also a part of Smart India Hackathon expert committee.

Dr. Pratap Sanap

Meet Pratap, our expert with over 25 years of experience in Applied Research, specializing in Mechatronics, Robotics, AI, and Data Science. He is well-versed in human computer interface & is passionate about Research & Innovation.

Priyanka Nadig

Meet Priyanka, a manufacturing professional with over 15 years of experience across diverse industries like Oil and Gas, Healthcare, Tool and Die, and Aerospace. Her work on challenging projects has effectively addressed manufacturing pain points, making a significant impact.

Prashant Kulkarni

Meet Prashant, aka PPK, an entrepreneurial product leader with a strong passion for problem-solving and innovation. He has over 25 years of industry experience & is also a language expert. He actively participates in Hackathons, inspiring young minds in software technology.



10xTechClub offers an in-person after-school program that teaches essential tech skills through hands-on Project-Based learning to help your child succeed in their careers.

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10xTechClub, 3rd Floor, One Place, Above Third Wave Coffee Salunke Vihar Road, Wanowrie, Pune – 411040

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